Where rainbows don’t disappear.

by | Mar 26, 2021

Rainbow art.

If there is one sure thing in this world, mention that you see and point your finger towards a rainbow; anyone within earshot will turn to look. The prism of colors universally connects us in a symbolic language that brings us hope and makes us smile. Western Gallery included these three rainbow wall art pieces below in a recent show. “In Rainbows” celebrates the fine art of inclusion and brighter days. Take a closer look here.

Rainbow rising out of the Grand Canyon after a storm.
Abstract geometric rainbow colors with grey pyramid in center.
Geometric pattern of rainbow colors

Grand Promise.

Just as we in the western U.S. were hearing about how badly COVID-19 was hitting Italy, how the virus paralyzed once vibrant and bustling New York City, we headed to the Grand Canyon under some odd sense of “it hasn’t happened here yet.” Yes, we were dealing with the “what-ifs” and toilet paper shortage. And there was that vague feeling of fear creeping in because all of this was an unknown. When we arrived at the Canyon, a spring storm advanced across the vast depths. Just stepping out of the car, I saw a rainbow rising up, and I ran to get my camera set up. They don’t last but a few moments, and somehow, I managed to get a couple of shots before the clouds moved over the sun and the scene was gone. In retrospect, I see this as the “Grand Promise.” No matter what is to come, trust. Have faith.

Rainbow rising out of the Grand Canyon after a storm.


I must have been that little kid that daydreamed in school. Here I was, an adult, checking out a barn in Park City, Utah in the summer, planning out a night shot of the barn and Milky Way. Walking under the highway to get to the barn, I appreciated that the city had commissioned an artist to paint designs inside the tunnel. The triangular blocks of color enticed me, and the wheels of creativity began clicking in my head. I set up my tripod as close to the edge of the tunnel as possible, careful so I didn’t get run over by bikers using the route. I also didn’t want to block walkers and joggers either. I slowed down my camera shutter and slowly moved my camera in a circular motion. The intentional blur created interesting effects, but most images looked like a psychedelic mistake. Yet, with patience and persistence, a few of the shots became interesting patterns.

Does this bring you back to a time when an adult handed you a kaleidoscope? You squeezed an eye closed and peered in, twisting the cylinder, and symmetrical patterns of color and shapes changed as you twisted the end?

Available as abstract geometric wall art.

Geometric pattern of rainbow colors

One Grey Hill + Rainbow

From the tunnel series of images I took, I also found this one. There is a definite pyramid shape in the center, and the pattern of the colors melting into each other looked to me like a tapestry.
In third grade, I became obsessed with Navajo culture. I saved up my allowance and when I had accrued the mass sum of $5, I bought a doll from the mall that sold Indian curios. She was my pride in her ruby red velvet dress, complete with a squash blossom necklace. I begged my mom to make mutton stew. She wisely refused. I even had a Navajo coloring book.
As I decided what I should title this, I realized that the grey pyramid in the center symbolically represented a mountain. Instead of the traditional “Two Grey Hills” rugs, my rendition would be “One Grey Hill + Rainbow. All very fitting since the Navajo Nation flag features a prominent rainbow arching over the land.
Abstract geometric rainbow colors with grey pyramid in center.

Rainbows and hope.

Rainbows require being in the right place at the right time. Yet, the lesson they offer is that we are always in the right place. We have to put our minds to accept the moment at hand. Some of life is good, some is bad, and some is downright ugly.  While rainbows are fleeting, our memories last, just as art does. Hope is how you appreciate all of what is in front of you. And it is always an option.

If you enjoyed these images and memories, why not go back to childhood in the 70s?

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