Halloween skeleton attending a Zoom conference call with spooky characters

Uh, yea: me.

No, it’s not weird for adults to play with toys. Come on, it’s Halloween. And the best time to have some creative fun. There’s lots of benefits in adult play. 

Get in the mood with Halloween jokes, one-liners, and puns. Plus some clever and creative photos.

I picked up a little toy skeleton at the grocery store with the thought of a completely different photo project than the one I ended up completing. It turns out that I needed to play.

Adults that incorporate play into their lives cope with stress with more ease and fluidity. Play makes us adaptive and resilient to whatever might come next. And lately, we’ve had a big lesson that there is always a next. It’s easy to go into fear about the next shoe dropping, but there’s a better way to respond.

Besides, adults that play are less likely to use avoidant or negative coping strategies when times get tough. So instead of overeating, overdrinking, punching the wall, try play. Cognitive functioning improves, creative thinking flourishes, and best of all, you laugh.

So with childlike exuberance, I decided I would play with my new buddy, Bones. I created a world of trick-or-treating scenes dotted with some of the best Halloween one-liners and puns I could muster. Not mustard. But you get the drift.

On to Halloween jokes and puns.

So did those Halloween jokes and puns catch you in my web of fun? I hope so.

And while you may not be into playing with kids’ toys just yet, play takes on many forms. One of which is sharing laughs with others. So share away and send this off to someone who could really use some skele-fun.

For more ways to figure out how to play, assuming the toy thing might not be your schtick, take a look at this article. BTW, “schtick” comes from another period of play in my life when my college roommate Karen taught me a Yiddish word every week; I then had to use the Yiddish word-of-the-week in a sentence. I know, I know, it took me this long to find a sentence for “schtick?”

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