front cover of 2022 desk calendar with images of Grand Canyon and this photo of Arizona waterfall

Small stand up desk calendar in CD case

Grand Canyon National Park photo calendar

Be honest. In the last year or two, did you utter the words, “I’ve lost count, what day is it?”

Well, I did. I felt that after what we’ve been through, I became unanchored to structure and time. It felt like twenty years had passed by at times.

We’ve been through a lot during the last two years. And while there is always uncertainty about what’s next, what matters is our emotional approach. We always get through those challenging moments, sometimes more gracefully than others. So, I think it’s perfect timing to set our sights on “A Grand Year.”

Small stand up desk calendar for 2022

This small stand up desk calendar features a soothing collection of Grand Canyon landscape photographs I’ve taken just this past year. I wanted a visual reminder next to my computer to slow down and enjoy a moment of peace and solitude no matter what pressure forces me to hurry up and accomplish something.

Desk setting with notebook, glasses, pens and pencils, computer monitor, coffee mug, and desk calendar 2022 featuring images of Grand Canyon.
Experts say you should look up from your computer screen frequently. Take that time to reduce stress at work by enjoying these awe-inspiring images of Grand Canyon National Park in a small stand up desk calendar.

Reduce stress at work

What helps me reduce stress at work is taking a moment to look at beauty. Thank goodness I have a lot of photos for that!

Nature reminds me of the quiet power of resilience. When I think of massive change and the ability to adapt, the Grand Canyon is the original poster child. What an inspiration for withstanding unimaginable forces of transformation.

Whether you work from home or find you need a visual of the month to keep yourself on track, pick a calendar for this year that will give you a lift when you are in the thick of stressful situations. I designed this inspirational desk calendar for 2022 to raise your vibe to nature’s grandeur through images of the Grand Canyon. I know it sounds simple, but to reduce stress at work, you just need a few simple reminders. You’ve got the power within yourself to relax, pace yourself, and calm down, but it helps to have some healthy prompts.

Small calendar for desktop

The compact design of this small stand-up desk calendar takes up minimal space. Years ago, I made a calendar with images and repurposed a CD case to function as a built-in easel for myself. The small size worked perfectly on my desktop. I’d glance over, take in the essence of the scene, and be prompted back into the present moment with a refreshed attitude.

Call me old school, but I think of days, weeks, and months in blocks of time like paper calendar offers. While the computer or phone can tell me what day it is, I like the format of weeks laid out before me. The layout offers a sense of familiarity and predictability, which is comforting in times of profound change. When trying to relieve stress, realizing we need to pace our activities helps. And seeing time laid out for me visually gives me that cue.

2022 Desktop Calendar featuring images of Grand Canyon on entry table with chair and telephone
While digital tools have their place, I still value the old-school connection to a traditional calendar. This CD case calendar is compact to fit on a table, desk, or counter. And the Grand Canyon photos tell the tale of time as no other place could.
Silhouette head and camera with Grand Canyon photo inside

As I create my modern wall art, I also look for a deeper appreciation for those moments. I think it’s something you’d enjoy following since you’ve read this far. Want in? Sign up is to your right and at the bottom of the page. I look forward to staying in touch.

Images of Grand Canyon

The images of Grand Canyon will help you focus calmly on these striking settings both at the top and deep below the north and south rims. From vast landscapes viewed from the south rim in winter, you’ll see how the desert turns into a magical snowscape. From river level a mile below, you’ll get a stress-free break looking at the intimate landscapes of beauty deep in the canyon that so few people get to experience.

Nature has a way of reminding us that we are part of something more than a daily task list. So, glance up from your conference call or project to reflect on that comforting thought.

Details about stand up calendar

This calendar features professional printing on glossy, heavy paper stock in full color. Presented in a CD case, swing open the front cover to form an easel. This Grand Canyon photo inspiration takes up very little space and creates a sleek, contemporary way to keep track of your days. Included is an index page where I describe each photo, approximately where the location is, and share my reaction to seeing this place.

This inspirational desk calendar 2022, when folded, measures 5.5” Height x 5” Width x .5” Depth. When opened for display, this small stand up desk calendar has a depth of 5.5”. This compact size makes for easy gifting whether you are traveling for the holidays and have limited luggage space or are mailing gifts to your loved ones.

Limited quantity available, and when they are gone, they are gone. So, don’t miss out on this unique collection of nature’s art, as only the Grand Canyon can reveal.

CD case easel with calendar featuring images of Grand Canyon
Add a unique piece of functional art to your desk with this CD case desk calendar. A quick flip opens the case to create its own easel. Simple, elegant, and filled with stunning images of Grand Canyon scenes will transport you on a mini-vacation at every glance.

How to order the 2022 calendar?

Want one for your workspace? Or know this would be a great gift for someone on your list? All you have to do is click on the calendar image below. A new screen will open and take you to the ordering details. 


Cover of Small Stand Up Desktop Calendar 2022

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"A Grand Year" and don't we deserve it? Calming office decor that sits comfortably in a CD case easel next to your workstation. Beautiful scenes of the Grand Canyon flow from month to month. Small stand up desk calendar makes a great gift.


Order a calendar now that reminds you to take a quick moment to be present. Over the course of a year, you’ll make a major shift in your ability to reduce stress at work.

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