bearded man wtih foam finger and abstract art behind him that looks like the LA Rams logo colors

Rams fans are like, winner!

When you want to discover the best LA Rams gift idea for the fan in your life, you know they already have the jerseys. So what can you give them that represents their favorite team? What will bring them joy for a long time to come? Something that doesn’t get stained, torn, or worn out? With lots of deep meaning? How about modern office art?

happy family watching a football game on sofa with LA Rams -like artwork on wall behind them

Modern abstract art prints

Office art prints

With companies getting back to the office, consider brightening up the walls of that particular fan’s world with something that says confidence, optimism, and teamwork. Then, your Los Angeles Rams fan will look forward to the workday. That is a great LA Rams gift idea!

This modern office art did not start as an ode to the Los Angeles Rams. I was taking photos in Park City, Utah. In a highway tunnel, I stood and admired the graphic paint design the city had commissioned, almost like graffiti. Then I started wondering what it would look like if I morphed the designs by moving my camera intentionally but slowly. Hundreds of shots later, as I looked through them, I saw this one. A random accident, if you will.

Modern office art

I love the wave of optimistic sun rays cresting, complimenting confident blue tones. There is motion and a sense of gathering. As impressionist art, the painterly look gives a sense of focused calm. Because of the graphic lines, the photo captured some undertones of structure. I printed it out as a Lumachrome acrylic print and displayed it as wall art in my office.

Abstract art offers lots of symbolism and meaning, well beyond the first impression. The more glance over at it through my day, the more I see. Contemporary abstract art offers an experience for years, not just upon the moment of opening a gift.

I had not made the connection yet to how this image mimicked the LA Ram’s new logo. So on the day that I saw the new SoFi stadium on TV, I sat stunned. I hadn’t paid much attention to the logo, but there it was. I ran up to my home office, grabbed the office print, and ran back downstairs.

“Look, look, this is so much like the LA Rams logo, isn’t it?”

So while this isn’t a sanctioned NFL item, I love that it was like some divine guidance to coincide with the new look the Rams revealed.

If you are searching for a high-quality, modern gift for your LA Rams fan, I’ve got your unique gift idea. “Wave of Optimism” sets the tone for the LA Rams fan base. The calm calculation of the quarterback and offense, the confidence of the defensive line, the structure of teamwork. One cohesive motion to the goal.

Give the spirit of confidence and charisma that the LA Rams exude to your fan so they can display this contemporary art in a home office or as back-to-the-office wall art. What a great ice breaker when visitors come by and an excellent way to recall the wins, the challenges, and the forward motion football fans live for.

“Wave of Optimism” is one of the best gift ideas for LA Ram fans that you can’t find elsewhere. As a signed limited edition print, only a set number will be printed. Then the image retires, just like your favorite player’s number is forever part of history.

Abstract wall art prints

Home office wall art

Home office art never looked better to a LA Rams fan. A pop of blue abstract wall art sets the mood for accomplishment and concentration—a great LA Rams gift idea. Brighten up the workday with modern office art.




Conference room decor

Decision-making just got easier if you are looking for modern office art. Teamwork excels when the mood is optimistic. “Wave of Optimism” abstract wall print combines curved shapes that encourage growth, calming blues, and an energizing pop of yellow. Add a touch of modern office art to your conference room that says, “let’s be productive.”





Modern office lobby art

“Wave of Optimism” as office wall decor sets the tone for positive motion. This contemporary wall art is the perfect calm art that helps your team focus and keeps spirits uplifted. What a warm welcome to the workplace with this abstract photo in the modern office lobby.

Decorating a loft space

Loft spaces need statements. “Wave of Optimism” is the perfect piece of modern wall art that brings that confident pop of color.





Living room wall art

Bring the LA Ram spirit into your home. “Wave of Optimism” is contemporary wall art that a Rams fan will be enthusiastic about decorating with.





How do I place an order for wall art?

If “Wave of Optimism” would be a good fit for your LA Rams fan or your own home or office, there are two types of prints I currently offer: mounted Lumachrome acrylic prints and unframed fine art paper prints, which you can then mat and frame to customize your look. Each has a place depending on the finished look you’d like to achieve.

From the images above, I’ve shown each scene with the same artwork displayed three ways: mounted Lumachrome acrylic, black gallery frame with white mat, and white gallery frame with white mat.

Lumachrome acrylic prints

The first print option is the Lumachrome acrylic print. Lumachrome acrylic offers an outstanding presentation of the artwork. You’ve probably seen these in fine art galleries. The print is affixed to acrylic, which provides unbelievable resolution, clarity, and vibrancy. There is an almost 3-D quality to a Lumachrome acrylic print, and it appears to be backlit since light can enter from the acrylic sides.

Lumachrome is ultra-contemporary. Since the artwork is mounted, there is no need for a frame. The photo is ready to hang once you receive it. The colors are brilliant and retained for over 120 years. The edge is finished, creating a clean, sleek, sophisticated look that compliments the artwork. Another reason people love Lumachrome acrylic prints is that with no frame, the artwork has nothing to reign it in. The abstract photo stands out for itself. When you want to make a contemporary statement, this is a great print option.

Fine art paper prints

The other option is a fine art paper print. With this option, you can decide on how you’d like to mat and frame the artwork. The printer I work with selects the best fine art watercolor paper and prints with archival quality inks. He is an expert in Giclee prints, and the print you’ll receive will have greater color accuracy than any other type of print. Time is spent to ensure the correct exposure levels and colors. These Giclee prints will last a lifetime.

How do I select a frame and mat for my paper print?

I’ve shown “Wave of Optimism” with both black and white gallery frames and mats to give you the perspective of what the print can look like once you have the framing completed. Please note, the price I offer is just for the paper print. I can work with you on framing and matting if desired, or you can use your local framer to customize the art.

Gallery wall frames

Many people choose this gallery look because the frame and mat add contrast to the artwork. The simple thin frame and large white mat offer simplicity. The frame and mat do not detract from the art, and if you are collecting art, this gives a way to present the collection with consistency. The gallery art look works well for contemporary interiors. Depending on your furnishings and finishes, you may find that one color or another makes quite a complimentary statement.

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