Soothing tree art photography brings the calm of the outside in.

Bring the outside in. 

Quiet giants, witnesses of history and time, standing guard, enduring: all the reasons we love trees. If you can’t forest bathe, why not bring the forest to you?

For that matter, bring all manner of trees closer to you. I imagine hearing the breeze through the canopy, and the gentle tussling of leaves. A dappling of light streams down from above, and I can close my eyes and listen to birds singing. 

The tree art photography below is a selection of trees and forests I’ve shot with different techniques. Many of these abstract photographs are intimate landscapes. Others are impressionistic where I’ve chosen to use a sense of motion to soften the scene and add emotion. I’ve also included a few that represent the digital abstraction art gallery where I’ve started with a photo I’ve shot, and then use a variety of techniques to morph the subject, infusing it with energy. I enjoy this type of art because I believe that looking is not seeing. There’s a reason for that saying, “seeing the forest for the trees.” Digital abstraction art frees us to be mindful, free your mind, and observe for pure joy.

Find your sense of wonder in the forests below and with tree art photography sure to bring you closer to nature.


“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.”

— Kahlil Gibran

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