Modern red, white, and blue abstract art and the supercharged effect on a room.

abstract american flag art

Abstract American flag art.

A modern and bold view on an old faithful symbol.


“Freedom lies in being bold.”

—Robert Frost

Don’t fight the wind; flow with it!
In this abstract American flag, I see freedom. Yes, the abstract nature of the photo is, in itself, freedom of expression. Instantly, you know it holds the red, white, and blue colors of the United States.
I saw a flag fluttering in the breeze in front of a large building with mirrored panels all around the perimeter. Stepping a little closer, I noticed that as I shifted a little, the image of the flag morphed into shapes and patterns. So I started taking shots to see if I could capture anything interesting.

A building with mirrored panels shows off the flag. As I moved a foot left or right, I saw new patterns.

As I worked with this photo, I decided to use some software to digitally abstract elements to make it bold and simple. Because the mirrored panels had water stains, the way this turned out turned those into more stripes that lend the piece texture.
In naming this “Freedom to Believe,” I recall a conversation with a colleague that moved from Europe to the United States. I was curious why he decided on such a bold transition. In his words, “In the United States, anything is possible. You have a culture that encourages people to try. But unfortunately, I found that lacking. The opposite held true for me. Others told me of all the ways I would fail if I attempted to start a business.”
To me, he wanted the freedom to believe. And for all the issues we may have as a country, I think it is powerful that we can believe: in ourselves, in hope, and in growth.
I hope this American flag art reminds you of those values.
As modern red, white, and blue art, this piece makes a living room or conference room stand up and sing.
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“Lock up your libraries if you like; but there is no gate, no lock, no bolt that you can set upon the freedom of my mind.”

–Virginia Woolf

What room could you see this American flag art complimenting?

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