Is Death Valley worth visiting?


Yes! Death Valley is worth visiting for its abstract landscapes, chaotic forms, and rich history.

Take a look below at these 26 photos that tell the story.

“Nature in its most extreme forms taught us that there was a design greater than us, and we could unburden ourselves briefly from our individuality in this world, our self-importance. Wasn’t that a relief?”


—Nancy Jooyoun Kim

All the reasons that make a trip to Death Valley National Park worthwhile.

The name Death Valley sounds haunting. I picture those heat-induced mirages with a cartoon character crawling along the sand, begging for water as he passes by a skull, and buzzards circle above. And while the unprepared visitor could get in trouble with the dry, hot climate, I trust you to do your homework on the timing of when is best to go in your schedule.
My intent is not to spew out facts and figures. There are plenty of articles to learn about Death Valley National Park. My aim is to give you that pop of inspiration that, yes, this IS one of those National Parks you want to explore. And get you excited about the wonders and awe-inspiring sights.
From the soft curves of sand dunes to the rugged rock formations, onwards to the perplexing patterns in the salt flats, this landscape is unique. So much so that you’ve probably already seen parts of this area in movies. 
Beyond the natural beauty, there’s the story of the people that explored and ultimately built wealth by mining this harsh land. They left behind an interesting array of historical artifacts that could keep any 8-year-old running around in excitement  (or me in fact).  Mining wealth morphed into tourism and now we have one of the latest editions to our national parks to explore.
While these 24 photos of Death Valley don’t cover everything, they’ll give you a taste of the unique park sitting under the California sun. Death Valley is waiting for your discovery.
Every day, wind and storm systems continue to erode and transform the topography. Death Valley is worth visiting because of the reminder that our planet and the element of time are powerful creators, and we are only capable of briefly glimpsing that force. You can come back again and again, and you’ll always find something new.

Death Valley Sand Dunes offer curve appeal.

Get lost wandering in the arcs and folds of the dunes at Mesquite Flat in Death Valley National Park.

Then tell me, is Death Valley worth visiting?

As you can probably tell from the number of photos I’m sharing of the Mesquite Flat sand dunes, I really enjoyed the textures and shapes they offered. What a place for an abstract photographer! I could have stayed for hours, or days, and still found new images to shoot as the sun’s position moved and created new shadows.

Elevate your perspective of Death Valley with the sweeping views of the rugged palette of colors at Zabriskie Point.

Whether marveling at the backdrop of distant mountain ranges or studying the close-up of forms created by shadows in the morning light, Zabriskie Point is worth an early morning rise and pelting of wind and pebbles.

And Zabriskie Point is a big reason many people answer “yes” to the question, “is Death Valley worth visiting?”

Mystifying beehive patterns of salt formations form a peculiar landscape at Badwater Basin Salt Flats.

How could anything survive in such a harsh environment as Death Valley? And yet, life exists.

And the salt flats are a big reason many people believe death valley is worth visiting.

Death Valley attracted miners in the 1800s, becoming infamous for the Borax Twenty Mule Team.

A visit to the outdoor Borax Museum offers a ton of history to explore close-up. Railroad cars, wagons, and lots of mining equipment that you can get up close to and examine.

Relief from the inhospitable dryness of Death Valley: the illusion of an oasis in the desert.

Hope is at hand at The Oasis at Death Valley, offering shelter and food with lots of palm trees and a beautiful courtyard with a bubbling fountain.

Learn how the lodging at Death Valley developed, just click here.

Are you ready to go?

Let me know what your favorite part of Death Valley is below!

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