Texture Photography

Rust, corrosion, decay: abandoned textures remind us of beauty in the impermanence of life.

Impressionist Photography Art

A slight shift and softening of traditional photography methods to create a mood.

Abstract Landscape Art

The scene within the scene brings out the essence of a mood.

New Media Art

Transforming photography with technology allow new concepts to emerge.

Black and White Abstract Art

Minimalist abstract art for calm and mindful focus.

Close Up Abstracts

The intimacy of discovering details that typically go unnoticed.

Color Field Photo Art

Modern mythic art rich in symbolism, bold in color.

Abstract Nature Photography

Restore your connection to the wonder and awe of nature.

Art in Motion

Visually-enriching motion that brings abstract art to life.

Abstract Photography Art

Contemporary abstract art for sale

Explore modern wall art for a deeper appreciation of the little moments. From rust, corrosion, and decay there is the wabi-sabi style of abstract beauty in patterns and colors we may not normally appreciate: behold Texture Photography. There is the softness of impressionism, offering a familiar scene with a new way to experience it in my collection of Impressionist Photography Art. Or perhaps you enjoy the great outdoors, but want an intimate scene, one that you can imagine yourself standing in? Abstract Landscape Art provides that virtual retreat in your own home as modern wall art. Maybe you enjoy science and art, all mixed with surrealism? Whether you are a digital native or digital immigrant, consider amplifying your home or office with New Media Art. For powerful, bold, and minimalist art for your home or office, think Black and White Abstract Art. Finally, how about oversizing the small details? Then Close Up Abstract Photography offers your interior decor a new way to look at the familiar.

My passion is experimenting with my camera to create art that you may find doesn’t seem like it could even begin in a camera in the first place. I hope these modern wall art prints make you smile, pause, reflect and bring inspiration to your home or office.

Abstract prints for sale

Offered as fine art prints in signed limited editions, I will limit the quantity sold to 50 pieces for each size unless noted. I’ve chosen the type of print and size carefully in considering how each will look best. Just click into the individual image, and you’ll be able to read a caption along with pricing information. A numbered certificate of authenticity accompanies each abstract wall art print. For further ownership opportunities, if you are eager to secure an NFT along with your print, we can work together on that. There is no additional cost for shipping within the continental U.S.

I’ve selected two print options. The first is fine art paper prints. With this option, you can decide on how you’d like to mat and frame the image. I’ve chosen a printer expert in the Giclée printing process, which offers greater color accuracy than any other print type. With archival inks, these prints will last a lifetime. The best fine art paper is selected for the particular image. Great care goes into ensuring that the resolution and detail enhancement is of the highest quality.  A fine art paper print typically requires a mat and frame. I’d be glad to work with you on that if needed; check out the FAQ page for inspiration on how these look when finished.

The second print option for abstract wall art is Lumachrome Acrylic. This type of wall art is finished with a floating mount system and ready-to-hang that does not require framing. The feel of these pieces is sleek, modern, and contemporary. When you want the focus on the art, Lumachrome Acrylic is an excellent solution. The print mounted to acrylic gives the wall art more reflective light. As a result, the colors pop, the depth is enhanced, and you don’t have extra effort or cost to select framing. You can learn more about these options on the FAQ page.

Signed limited editions

Each abstract wall art print in the limited edition collection is signed and numbered digitally upon purchasing.  You’ll receive a signed and numbered Certificate of Authenticity shipped separately from the print, matching the number of the edition on the actual artwork. Limited editions are held to a print quantityl of 50 for each size.

First Print

In the limited edition artwork, I withhold the first print until that collection has sold out. This print is numbered and signed digitally as FP 1/50. First Prints are coveted in the art world, and a First Print has excellent potential for increasing in value due to its scarcity. Additionally, the First Print can be purchased for an additional $2,000 above the print price if desired.

Artist Proof

For each of my contemporary images, I withhold one Artist Proof. Only one will ever be printed, and it will be signed and numbered as AP/1. Since only one is to be printed, this increases the rarity and value. This print is an investment that will increase in value beyond the limited edition collection itself. Included with the purchase of this Artist Proof is a written letter from myself with details and insights into the piece. An Artist Proof makes a unique gift option that has the potential to increase in value over time. If you are interested, the Artist Proof requires an additional investment of $5,000 regardless of size.

If you have any customization requests or details I can assist with, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Ann Newman Head Shot

Meet Ann

As I learned to see through the lens of my camera, I felt the flow of creativity and ideas developing in the form of words I wanted to share about these little moments. Click here to learn more about my story.

A rainbow forms in the Grand Canyon with storm clouds and a quote says "Gratitude is appreciating a partial rainbow."


I found that a daily thought to reflect on helped me in developing more awareness. Click here to take a look at the random inspiration quote generator I’ve created for your exploration.

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