Art in Motion

by | Mar 8, 2022

Eye-catching motion that brings artwork to life.

“Colors answer feeling in man; shapes answer thought; and motion answers will.”

–John Sterling

Movement in Photography

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“Hidden Below the Surface”

When an overwhelming emotion surfaces, there’s typically more to the feeling. Before we react, which can push others away, put the brakes on. Ask yourself what other emotions are under the surface? Movement in photography of a simple stop sign reminds us–feel through the initial emotion and discover what is beyond the first impression.

Anger is a good example. When people are in a rage, the underlying emotion can be fear, shame, or something else. Although it takes some soul searching, there’s always a message below that outburst to help you learn more about your true self.

This corrugated metal wall on a corner of the Kakaako Warehouse District in Honolulu, Hawaii, caught my eye. The Kakaako area is known for street murals, but this mural had long since faded in the sun and frequent mist of Hawaiian showers. Nevertheless, I could make out the stop sign and decided there was a visual story here. The photo is a fun depiction of decay and change, but I love how adding the peeling paint effect reveals the mystery of what is beneath.

This texture photography is also available in its natural still form here.

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