Colorful Abstract Art

Contemplate the integration of colors and shapes.

Both have subtle meanings that affect our moods.

“Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet.”

–Paul Klee


Vibey Color Swirl

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Defocused gradient colors flow to create a circular pattern with lines and angles. Having curves and edges is all about balance. Add some cool vibey art where you need the energy of color and the reminder about balance.


How do shapes and colors affect emotions?

“I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn’t say any other way—things I had no words for.”
—Georgia O’Keeffe


Captivating color fields and shifting shapes bring life to colorful abstract art. Many people double-take looking at these, not realizing that these could be photos.

I stood in a tunnel that was painted with colors and lines. Perhaps it was the city’s answer to fighting graffiti. Then I got to thinking, ‘what if.’

What if I put my camera in motion? What would happen? I was mesmerized by how the primary colors with somewhat geometric shapes took on gradients of tones. I took hundreds of photos. Then I worked through the myriad of them to find where shapes spoke to me.  

Such variety popped out as I worked with them. I see lots of geometry, even though that was a high school class I certainly did not excel at. I also see movement in waves and circles. And then a flying kite and a crescent moon. All that from some simple paint shapes painted on concrete.

Shapes, patterns, and colors affect our emotions.  Studies have shown that colors, patterns, and lines impact us. Just like dream analysis, there are some commonalities in how we perceive shapes. Lines have emotions, who’d have thought? Oh, I’ll tell you who. Advertisers. And artists. I’ll let you in on it if you’d like, just click this link. And if you are curious about color, take a look here.

So if you are after a particular mood in your living room, take a look at what shapes, lines, and colors can offer.

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