Digital Abstraction

How technology affects art and how digital abstraction creates a unique vibe on your wall.

Explore with your imagination this alternate world of digital abstraction.

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”







 What is digital abstraction?
The one commonality in my contemporary abstract art collection is that every piece is born from a photograph. However, you’ll find that some of my work does not look photographic, and this collection of digital abstraction brings that concept front and center. That makes my work unique in the abstract digital art world.
In these digital abstraction art examples, I’ve taken one photo or, in some cases, many photos and blended them. With digital techniques, I then morph the subject, infusing it with emotion and energy. For some, the result is mind-blowing art; for others, it’s downright weird. But I happen to like weird! And I hope you do too!
Select one of these abstract digital wall art prints if you are searching for that unique piece that will add personality to refresh your atmosphere. From beautiful surrealism art to abstract psychedelia, symbolism to grungy-futurism, you’ll find the vibe your space is craving here.


How digital abstraction art can help mindfulness techniques and release stress. 

Have you ever thought that looking is not the same as seeing? I can work with a camera to show you a scene, but I can expand beyond reality with these digital abstraction techniques.
We’ve become a busy swarm of ants, all looking but very few of us seeing. Being attentive has become a lost art. We are more concerned with getting things done. And with what’s next. People over the ages have put their noses to the grindstone. The only thing that is different now is that we changed the name of the grindstone to screen. We swipe images and words away all day long. And so many of us are feeling overwhelmed.
But more than blaming technology or workloads, we do need to call ourselves out. The real issue is whether we are conscious of our thoughts. Mindfulness simply means being aware. How many times have you driven for several minutes down the highway only to realize you cannot recall any of that time? I’m guilty. And I find that frightening. I don’t want my life to be on autopilot. It’s a precious ride.
Our mind wanders. That is part of being human. You don’t need to do anything extraordinary to be mindful, though. Setting up a practice using meditation, journaling, or yoga is great. But the truth is, you can be mindful right now. You don’t have to spend money or sign up more of your precious time for another activity. You have to make one significant shift: notice your attention.
Take a look at these examples of digital abstraction art pieces. Focus on your breathing. Observe what you see with deep attention. Engage your imagination and stay with the image. Then observe the inner discussion in your head–this type of attention trains you to cultivate mindful behaviors. Purchasing wall art from my digital abstraction collection that resonates emotionally is a great way to incorporate mindfulness in your home or workplace. And those are both great places to reduce stress.

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