Everyday Objects

Large-scale photography art from everyday objects.

“It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious.”

–Alfred North Whitehead





Everyday objects become abstract photography for a playful display in your home or business. There’ll be second looks at what we typically take for granted. And that’s healthy.

The beauty of everyday objects is that they hold secrets that most of us walk right by. The little details create amazing oversized artwork to add an intriguing accent to your decor. There are textures, details, patterns, and colors you might not normally notice. Some of this collection comes from spur-of-the-moment shots, like walking dogs and noticing a King Palm in bloom. Or seeing clouds drifting by in a rearview mirror, sort of mocking the sky. Or looking down at a small pool of water at fall leaves holding onto the night’s raindrops. 

However, when I have a vision of what I am trying to capture, I create a plan for my close-up shots. Abstract still life allows me to control lighting and shoot the subject without wind. Plus, if the weather is bad, I can literally work from home. I have a little studio in my office and turn the whole place upside down to create the shot I want. It looks so simple when completed, but there is a lot that goes into these shots.

Close-up art created in the studio includes shadow work like the La Catrina image I shot right at the start of lockdown during COVID-19. Or appreciating the graceful curves two eggshells make as they intimately lean into each other. So many everyday objects around the house get scrutinized as potential models.

What I find unique about still life macro photography is the focus on problem-solving it introduces. There’s always a lot of work to get the scene just right, making sure the background is clean and having the light fall in the right places without creating hot spots.

The experience puts me into the flow of creativity. We take so much in our lives for granted, and this type of art allows me to feel grateful for things I may have never given the time of day to. I hope that you fall in love with one of these everyday objects. This type of abstract photography art accents your living space and reminds you to be appreciative of all the everyday things in your life.

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