Wabi Sabi Photography

Wabi Sabi photography creates fascinating abstracts full of color, texture, and expression.


“Aging has a wonderful beauty, and we should have respect for that.”

–Eartha Kitt


In the flow of life, aging can hold a special kind of beauty.

Embrace the impermanent, imperfect, and incomplete.  

The Wabi Sabi of Imperfect.

Why do we rush to throw out the old and worn? The broken and cracked? Can we see beauty in what is imperfect?


Beyond the Veil.

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A proper house in historic Bodie Ghost Town had the finishing touch of lace curtains. But time and wear took over, and the people abandoned the town. The mystery of who lived in this house with dreams of a good life remains. I half expected to see someone peeking out.


The Wabi Sabi of Impermanence.

Over time, objects decay. This is the natural cycle. Observe and accept this awareness.


Cracks in Time.

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Is the fabric of time on the verge of splitting open? Are we in a time loop? Imagine time and space fissures creating portals into other worlds. What would you find there?



The Wabi Sabi of the Incomplete.

And when an object is removed from context or weathering away, your imagination is spurred to action. Fill in the gaps and appreciate what exists when parts are left out. Your brain knows what to do.


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Having a contrarian attitude requires breaking out of your comfort zone. You have to ask yourself what is right for you, regardless of all the input bombarding from outside influences. Thinking for ourselves and taking action puts us in conscious choice of our direction in life.

Discover unique abstract art in the imperfect world of Wabi Sabi photography.

Where peeling paint, cracked glass, and rust are the creators.

The art of urbex (urban exploration) opens the mind to explore everything: the abandoned, the decaying, the scratched, the peeling, and the corroded. The journey leads to old vehicles, antiquated equipment, and vacated buildings. And some very appealing Wabi Sabi photography!

Shift your thoughts from seeing dirt, grease, cobwebs, and jagged edges. Instead, look at the mesmerizing patterns. My eyes gravitate to these surfaces. Like the famous abstract photographer Aaron Siskind, I want to reveal the emotion of an inanimate object without you having the prejudice of knowing what that object is or was. I use a close-up camera lens to show the abstract texture that distress has exposed.

Wabi Sabi photography nudges us to connect introspectively.

Dilapidated forms hold a sense of mystery and the secrets of time. Vintage surfaces speak through their abstract textures in swirls and symbolism. Are they at the end of useful life, or are they a living surface still developing? Can we indeed call them imperfect? Who is to judge? Enjoy the experience of seeing an object from a different vantage and perceiving concepts in these intriguing Wabi Sabi photographs.

Take the mission to discover in this collection of texture photography: intimate landscapes, ocean vignettes, wildlife, objects channeling the great artists in history, disguised cultural statements, storms, star systems, and the universe’s sense of humor mocking my doodling style.

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