Abstract Digital Art

As unpredictable as a caffeinated squirrel. But super fun to watch.

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." --Confucious

Who gave that squirrel a double espresso shot? Maybe someone should Tik Tok him running around. Okay, okay, no squirrels were hurt in the making of this abstract digital art. Promise. I just got a little carried away because I might be the one that is a bit caffeinated.

Back to the task at hand. Abstract digital art lets me break the boundaries of reality one photo at a time. Talk about complete freedom. Sure, these photos start with a quick click of a button on a camera. Then all hell breaks loose.

My imagination gets going, and with so many magic tools, I morph into a wizard, transforming with special effects channeled from Pixar. I can take a mistake and exaggerate it. Or I can layer photo upon photo, borrowing the best of each to birth a new reality. I can infuse brushstrokes, the lines of a pen, transform colors, and drop in graphics. I am the master of all that is possible. And still learning.

Go ahead. Click away at these images. How else will you be able to be a nosy snoop? And when you do, you’ll see a high resolution preview plus my description which is priceless. Display options, sizes, and pricing information may just show up too. You just never know.

Squirrel!! If you are easily distracted, you've got to take a peak at Abstract Nature.

Questions? Send me an email.