Capturing intimacy in abstract landscapes

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

-- Albert Einstein

When life’s complexity is enough to overwhelm, drift off into the beauty of nature. Feel harmony return as you explore how nature balances chaos in these abstract landscapes. I find intimate scenes let me take in more details, and feel more appreciative of the wisdom nature offers.

Clickbait. You won’t find it here. But if you click on a photo, the secrets to life, the universe, and everything will be revealed. Or at least the description, options, sizing, and pricing. That's a lot.

But, Einstein, can you get the clouds to cooperate?

As Einstein said, you’ll understand everything better looking at nature. And my understanding is that if you try to take photos of landscape, Mother Nature has a sense of humor she wants to share with you.

As you rush to get your camera set up, that glorious sunset fizzles. Or try to capture a beautiful wildflower field. The wind finally dies down. Then you slap at an endless army of mosquitoes. And all those little black dots on your landscape photo? They weren't spots. Stupid mosquitoes. Scratch away, photographer friend. Scratch away.

But occasionally, nature says, “Okay, you can take my picture. Try to get my good side over here. That mountain just makes me look fat.”

For good karma, I try to capture Mother Nature on her good days. And I only include a small subset of the scene to protect her privacy desires. Once in a while, she shows me something frigging awesome. And I have to share it. Because unless you were stalking me, I doubt you got to be in this moment. Join me vicariously. And without mosquito bites.

Abstract Landscape Photography elevates the look of any room.

From ethereal and dream-like for peaceful vibes, or landscape scenes that capture the zest of being in nature or on vacation, they make an impressive statement.

A touch of light captures the eye, drawing your gaze to details and hues that evoke feelings of your escapes into the natural world. Canyons, rivers, trees, and mountains come to life as they’re captured intimately for you to know them better. Bring that outdoor feeling inside with these abstract landscape photos — the perfect way to highlight a wall in any space.

Feel inspired by a small scene captured in a larger-than-life-style, no matter where you hang the photo print. People of all ages can appreciate the beauty of our Earth from this abstract perspective.

Abstract landscape photography puts a unique spin on traditional landscapes, without sacrificing style. It’s the perfect statement piece for any wall, with its calming colors and intricate details. Add a touch of light to your home and bring a unique landscape inside. Choose an abstract landscape photo to remind you of past journeys or vacations planned.

Whether you’re looking for a unique gift, a decoration for your home, a calming visual for office visitors, abstract landscape photography creates an atmosphere of calm and relaxation. What a beautiful way to show reverence and appreciation of nature.

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