The wild elegance in abstract nature

"Our task must be to free widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it's beauty."

-- Albert Einstein

Highlight your love of nature with a striking piece of abstract nature photography capturing the spirit of wild birds, animals, and lizards all while highlighting their individual features.

Curiosity did not kill the cat. He had nine lives. Nor will it harm you. Go ahead, click that image. Check out a high resolution preview as well as view a description, display options, sizes, and pricing information.

The struggle is real. And these wild creatures are too.

When I go into the wild, nature teaches me patience, persistence, and how to dodge bird splats. There's nothing easy about shooting wildlife photography. But there is so much beauty and intrigue when you do.

There’s feathers, fur, and scales. There’s flocks and herds. None of them follow the script. They wake up early. They live in cold, wind, rain, and snow. That means I’m freezing, wet, shivering, and tired. Each of them knows when the camera lens is pointed their way, and suddenly, they are shy. What happened to that NatGeo pose you just offered, bird?

And, no, I hadn’t gotten my gear set up yet. I want to yell a Charlie Brown "ugh!" Unpredictable!

But for the thousands of missed shots and hours of waiting for something to happen, it takes just one scene to keep me coming back for more punishment.

But you can easily enjoy nature without that sacrifice. Bring the very essence of the outdoors in. Adorn your walls with a unique touch of natural, fragile beauty. Appreciating beauty with abstract nature photos as artwork adds a unique touch and amazing conversation starter.

A special touch of fragile, natural beauty

While capturing these images isn’t easy, loving these abstract nature photos sure is. The exotic beauty of wildlife against high-key backgrounds delivers breathtaking wall art that grabs the attention. And unique scenes that use the plants and environment to frame these creatures honor how important it is for us to protect that habitat.

Close-ups reveal textures and colors you’d never be able to see with the naked eye. And I’ve taken all these ethically without taunting or luring the animals. That means lugging around a huge lens to zoom in so nature can stay wild.

Abstract nature photography adds life to your home decor, allowing you to enjoy the natural world indoors all year. Highlight your love of nature from a particular area or pay tribute to an animal whose spirit speaks to you. Abstract nature photography is the perfect way to express your love of the world around you.

Ok, we avoided bird splats. So your reward is Colorful Abstract Art.

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