"Everything is in motion. Everything flows. Everything is vibrating." -- William Hazlitt

Immerse yourself in a multisensory experience energized with motion and sound.

Entertain yourself with these snippets of 20-so-ish seconds of subtle action added to my abstract photos. I've curated sounds or music that fits the mood and elevates these into mini-stories of abstract art. Some are relaxing and meditative. Others get you in the mood for a particular season. And some are just meant to be entertaining. So turn on the sound and take a much needed break.

You have the power to liberate these animated short videos. Click on those abstract images below to animate them. They'll appreciate being able to stretch a bit. You know how good that feels.

Elevate your senses: animated abstracts meet musical magic and movement.

These abstract photos aren’t statues, people. They have feelings. They want to dance and shimmy. They are about to bust a move. And they’ve got a lot of passion to share. Give them some music, and they come alive in short video animations.

Could you sit still your entire existence? Wouldn’t you long for something more out of life? These photos wanted action! And I gave it to them. That's how Annimations happen. Oh, come on. I can tell when you roll your eyes. Didn't your mom tell you they could get stuck like that? The story is, my abstract art decided to hold a rebellion. The calmer, zen-like photos said it's more of a movement than a rebellion. They don't really like conflict.

When most people think of viewing art, they think of the traditional paintings and photographs lining up a museum wall. But take a traditional photo and with the use of technology, give that artwork an opportunity to move and mesmerize, add sounds and music, that's a whole new experience.

This artwork captures your eye in a new way a still photo cannot. The moving visuals give you a new twist to abstract photography. When you gravitate to the aesthetics of a particular piece, remember they exist as powerful still images in my galleries.

With so much art to consider, and so many walls, is that your head spinning or did you just watch The Exorcist? Check out how I can help you Preview Your Walls with art. However, I can't help you unsee The Exorcist. I have my limits.

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