Art in Motion: Animated Art

This is a rebellion. It’s a movement.

"Everything is in motion. Everything flows. Everything is vibrating." -- William Hazlitt

It’s abstract photography in motion. Could you sit still your entire existence? Wouldn’t you long for something more out of life?

These abstract photos aren’t statues, people. They have feelings. They want to dance and shimmy. They are about to bust a move. And they’ve got a lot of passion to share. Give them some music, and they come alive in short video animations.

Liberate them. Click on those still images to animate them. Plus you can read a description about them too. This is pure entertainment, and a great way to escape the complexity of the day. For a little while, anyway.

With all this art and so many walls, is your head spinning? Check out how I can help you Preview Your Walls with art.

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