Bursts of happiness in a field of colorful abstracts

"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way--things I had no words for." --Georgia O'Keeffe

Unicorns. Weep with envy!

Watch them prance and toss their manes with joy from these unexpected colors and geometry. With colorful abstracts, it's as if a rainbow and a disco ball had a secret lovechild, resulting in hues that defy logic and gravity.

There’s more to these pretty pictures. Click on them. I double dare you. Most likely you'll see a high resolution preview. If you are lucky, maybe you'll see a description, display options, sizes, pricing information, and glitter.

Genuine creative ingenuity with a camera

I know you might think I created these colorful abstracts on the computer. But these are photos. I don't want to argue you with you, but they are. I was there. Holding that camera. And coming up with a crazy idea.

I found a tunnel with various paint colors and shapes where city officials painted over graffiti. I decided to twirl my camera lens round and round in a photographic lottery. And then automagically, gradient colors emerged with swirls, circles, waves, and lines.

The delight of seeing how colors blended together and created stories was amazing. When I looked at one I really liked, then tried to create another, it never happened. These are unrepeatable human-crafted abstracts. Ethereally appealing.

Colorful abstracts deliver a cheerful uplift to your day

Add a bright beam of sunshine to your home or office. This vibrant and eye-catching mix of gradient colors presents you with an option of swirls, lines, circles, and geometric patterns. Create a cheerful and uplifting mood in your home, office, or lobby.

From bright pinks and soft purples to sunny yellows and baby blues, these one-of-a-kind pieces will amp up the atmosphere. The mix of shapes and colors creates a calming, optimistic atmosphere. Choosing a colorful abstract photo adds extra cheer and positivity to any room. Let this wall art bring a smile to anyone who walks by.

This colorful abstract art provides a modern touch with a vibrant personality. Uplift your mood and put a smile on your visitors faces. The room will be livelier, the conversation popping, and, though I can't promise, maybe some unicorns will show up when you place a colorful abstract print in your home or office lobby.

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