Cool Album Cover Art

My imaginary friends growing up were music albums.

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything." – Plato

I dunno what teens dream about today, but I dreamt of being in the music industry, specifically in rock and roll. I listened endlessly to entire albums. I laid on the floor of my bedroom studying the album covers. Remember that sculpted, olive carpet from yesteryear?

As Styx, ELO, and Supertramp played, I looked for messages. About what, I’m not sure. Sort of how other kids played records backward. But from what seemed like the idle work of the devil, I learned about album design. I read every word printed on the cover.

Today, I'm allowing my abstract photos to collide with my musical fantasies. I use the photo to inspire the creation of a band or artist name, an album title, and then I design an album cover. I want to show the energy, the tranquility, or the emotional dimensions each photo deserves.

There's a lot of diversity in my abstract photography, so it's fun to work with so many types of music to create these cool album covers. You won't find these on Spotify. Yet.

Ginsu knives: they slice, they dice. But wait, there’s more! Click on that image for a special offer from abstract photography. Who knows, maybe a high resolution preview of a cool piece of art will show up with a description.

If you liked those albums, check out this music accompanied by my photo art. It's's Art in Motion.

Questions? Send me an email.

The band and musician names, characters, album titles and commentary portrayed in this gallery are fictional. No identification with actual persons or music productions is intended or should be inferred.

If you are an artist and interested in using an abstract photo for an album design, do send me an email. Let's get creative!