Fall Foliage in Maine

September 21, 2023  |  Maine

Experience the Vibrant Colors of Fall Foliage in Maine

Came for the lobster, stayed for the trees.

Colorful lobster buoys on a shack wall

Print available in "Just for Fun" gallery.

I finished the lobster bisque. And was full. But I never quite got enough tree time.

My visit a few years back twisted through quaint villages, up inland mountain ranges, and down country roads. Calm lake waters reflected back the blazing colors. We explored these stunning autumn foliage displays and punctuated our tree time with lighthouses, rugged coastlines, and colonial architecture.

But the trees! A glorious blazing overload of colors and textures. Abstract heaven for me.

I'll let you have a quiet moment alone with these photos. They deserve it, and so do you.

So I'm going to be quiet now. Except for the captions. And you can decide to read those or not.

But (whining), please do. Please?

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.― Stanley Horowitz

Fall Foliage in Maine...and a few other Maine-ish-things.

Close up in Maine of a hillside of trees in fall colors.
Best Dressed in Fall

What a fierce competition. The forest puts on a spectacular fashion show full of color.

Curve Ahead

Whoa, they were driving a little fast, don't you think? Take it easy, there's a curve ahead.

Close-up of fall forest colors in Acadia National Park.
Stick another tree in there!

Is it even possible to fit another in there? And who's going to rake up those leaves once they drop?

Birch tree forest in fall with yellows and light orange along with ferns
Gray Ghosts

While much of the forests in Maine show off bold reds and oranges, this section of birches and ferns looks more like a pastel painting, soft and feminine.

Oxford Hills in Maine with fall colors
The Hills are Alive

Imagine mowing this lawn. I'd keep looking out at the view and I fear that the mowing lines would look a little helter-skelter.

A pond in Maine reflects the colors as the season shifts from summer to autumn.
Seasons Shift

Bam, autumn arrived. Scoot over summer.

An abstract section of autumn forest colors.
Patchwork Palette of Fall

A dab of purple, a blob of red, a swath of yellows, a pile of green. Textures, shapes, and colors, oh my.

Autumn tree colors reflecting in a still lake.
Stunning Stillness

I'm a sucker for reflections, and curious too where that little opening in the trees leads to. Let's go!

Selectmen's Building and Bridge with autumn colors reflecting in water
Selectmen's Building and Bridge

No wind, no rustle of leaves, and the last of the Instagram models have left the bridge. Time to shoot!

Torch-red maple trees in fog at Acadia National Park with fog
Autumn Blaze

Torch-red maples appear ablaze in the fall. They called the other trees this morning and asked them to wear something complimentary. Such teamwork.

fall foliage tree colors with fog coming over edge of hill
The Approaching Mist

Maine and mist go together. Where do you think Stephen King got all those creepy ideas from? Mist. And here it comes.

Autumn trees in Acadia National Park with fog
Disappearing Act

The trees told me to shoot right away. So I did. Between the mist and the possibility of wind or rain, you just never know when all this disappears.

Reds and oranges of fall foliage looks like the trees are on fire.
Flames at the Edge

The bright reds and oranges appear like flames raging at the base of the hill. That's not smoke up top...just a little Maine fog action.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse reflecting in tide pool.
On Rocky Ridges

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, which is fun to say and makes you feel like a local, sits atop a promontory of rocky ridges carved by the sea and meant to trip you if you climb around them. If you are lucky, aren't seeking medical attention, and the wind isn't too strong, you'll see the reflection of Pemaquid in a tidepool. BTW, I had to say Pemaquid one more time.

Portland Headlight lighthouse shines on Cape Elizabeth in early morning hours.
Keeper's House

Time for a history lesson. The Portland Head Light is the oldest lighthouse in Maine. Commissioned by George Washington and built in 1791, this Victorian keeper's house looks stunning with the gold of morning light. We stumbled in the dark to get positioned, but by daybreak, the light showed us the gate that would have made our entrance so much easier. What a good laugh we had at ourselves.

Portland, Maine skyline at night
Pulling into Portland at Night

This is a land with a port. Yes, Portland. Not the Portland of "put a bird on it," but the Portland of lobstah rolls.

Lobster buoys on a shack wall

Came for the "Maine" event! I just can't decide, is that lobster-eating or leaf-peeping? I say both.

If only we could spend the day oceanside. Sigh. But even if you live inland, add a dash of salt air and Maine charm to any room with "Lobstah."

The vibrant colors from old, worn lobster buoys against the weathered shack makes you curious if the best lobster rolls wait right around the corner.

Looking to make your home decor provide you a vacation? Transport yourself without waiting in line at TSA with this fun fine art wall print.

Take a look below at the wall print options. If you are placing this in a kitchen, and you are a sloppy chef like me, you may like the Lumachrome Acrylic print. There's a layer of protection from your splats. Yes, I know. Buoys are usually wet. But these guys are enjoying the warmth of the sun finally. And a well-deserved rest.

Embrace the diversity of this color palette for "Lobstah."

Vintage art doesn't always imply dull colors. Especially this abstract photo of lobster buoys. Sure the shack wall is vanilla, but hey, that goes with our food vacation theme. Who wouldn't take notice of School Bus Yellow, Caribbean Green, Brink Pink, or Dodger Blue?

Here's the color codes of your swatches: Pantone 4022C, Pantone PY12C, Pantone 333C, Pantone 6046C, and Pantone 2129C.

Ready for a trip like this?

My friend and photography mentor, Nathaniel Smalley is from Maine. That means he knows it well. He took us to amazing spots, not all of them the tourist traps you might find lobsters in. Check it out.

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