Journal (Wabi sabi art)

Unleash the power of abstract images and elevate your mood like never before. Consider this a trouble time-out.

"We read to know we're not alone." -- William Nicholson

Discovering a stunning mountain landscape uncovered on a backhoe
July 22, 2023  |  Collegiate Peaks in Colorado

A backhoe is not a thing of beauty. It's a grimy, dirty, and mud-crusted. So why am I standing here?

And if I'm writing, I can forget my troubles too. Or at least ignore the laundry. For a bit.

And if you are reading, let's be honest. The dishwasher isn't getting unloaded anytime soon. But a to-do list is so overrated. Let’s embark together on an avoidance of those things for a few minutes. You deserve a break from reality.

We can ponder the meaning of life. Some of it might be a bit blurred, like you’ve been rubbing your eyes too much. Some of it might be as sharp as a needle, like the one the nurse is trying to jab you with. There’ll be epic moments. Laughs. Everything you need to get a break from reality and then give you the energy to bounce back and get at living again.

Let me know what you think!

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