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Explore my "quick takes" abstract photography.

"Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective." --Doe Zantamata

I'm always seeing abstracts. But I don't always have all my camera gear or the time to set up a scene carefully. But that doesn't mean I walk away without a photo.

Here I share with you quick takes, those scenes I couldn't walk away from. And I hope they have you seeing the world in a new way, rather quickly.

Alluring Rita

February 23, 2024  |  Barrett Jackson Car Auction, Scottsdale
Barrett-Jackson, Ford's Theatre Museum, John D'Agostino's 1958 Packard custom Sportster, Rita, car, colorful, fender, lilac...

What a magnetic presence.

A sultry entrance, the air of elegance, and power of charisma. Talent and beauty in one package. Rita Hayworth had it going on, and John D'Agostino channeled her energy into a 1958 Packard custom Sportster. What says elegance better than lavendar pearl swooshes?


Will it go round in circles?

February 12, 2024
Or will it fly high like a bird up in the sky?
Or will it fly high like a bird up in the sky?

Pairing an abstract photo and a hit song.

Remember that Billy Preston hit from 1973, "Will it go round in circles?"

I've got a song
I ain't got no melody
I' ma gonna sing it to my friends
Will it go round in circles
Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky

After a series of rainstorms hit, I noticed a break in the sky. The moonroof of the car had a pattern of raindrops, varying in size. Then I noticed the overhead power lines. I couldn't pass up this scene. So rapidly, before the car moved into traffic (and I was not driving), I snapped this on my cellphone. Quite literally, two seconds later, we were moving, the drops now running onto the windshield, the power lines out of sight.

As I studied this abstract raindrop scene later, I played the song over a few times. The lyrics are about the desire for clarity in life's confusions. And gosh, there's been a lot of confusion lately.

But honestly, that's how it's always been.

There's the storm. Then a clearing. Another wave of clouds and rains passes through. How easy it is to get attached to one way of life being versus the other. The trick is accepting all the ways life shows up for us. Cause it does go round in circles.

WALL-E 's dilemma in the bathroom

October 5, 2022  |  Bodie State Historic Park aka Bodie Ghost Town
WALL-E look alike

EVA, EVA! I can't reach the toiletpaper roll!

If you haven't seen the 2008 Disney Pixar hit "WALL-E," you are missing out on one of my heroes. WALL-E is a solitary robot living on a future, uninhabitable, deserted Earth in 2805, left to clean up garbage. He has a thing for EVE, another robot he meets (true love) and sweetly calls her EVA. And him calling her "EVA" makes up most of the dialogue of the movie, which makes the movie perfect.

I was finishing up a visit to Bodie State Historic State Park in the Eastern Sierras of California. I vowed to leave no building unseen. At the start of my visit, I thought, "cool, haunted buildings and spooky interiors." But most of the buildings are boarded up, so I was walking around disappointed. I spied WALL-E on the side of one of the abandoned mining shacks and he cheered me up.

Socket Man

November 18, 2021  |  The bathroom. Don't ask.
USB outlet looks like a face

The truth is out there. On the wall.

What a lot of people don't know is that Elton John really wanted to sing about "Socket Man" not "Rocket Man."

I mean, the lyric most people mumble through, "burning out his fuse up here alone," seems like solid enough evidence for me. But because the song was being recorded three years after man walked on the moon, Elton was pressured to make the song about space exploration. Nerds got their way.

I'm so sorry to you electricians. And to any of you that are about to take my storytelling here and launch a new urban myth. You should really check out the link up there in the first sentence. Fascinating.

Intimate Touch

November 9, 2020  |  The kitchen. Don't tell.
close up abstract of eggs

Are you thinking of human body parts?

Come on people, this is an abstract photo website! I'm trying to maintain a family-friendly atmosphere, for the most part. But since you went there, did you know that in Australia, they call these bum nuts?

I was struggling to come up with a subject to shoot for a One-Colour (British) photo challenge. That was until I was making breakfast. I got fascinated looking at two of the tan hens eggs leaning towards each other. Let's just say, breakfast was really delayed.

Oh. Not to brag, but these bum nuts ended up as finalists in the Close Up Photographer of the Year: One-Colour Challenge, and were featured in Amateur Photographer magazine.

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