Reflection Photography

"I'm not just a mirror. I'm a masterpiece."

Oh wow. The ego of these reflections. See what I have to work with?

And it’s not just mirrors. Reflections show up on the sides of buildings. That’s proof enough that architects have a devious sense of humor.

Then there's water. She’s a fickle model for reflection photography. One minute, she’s calm and sharing such pretty colors and shapes. Then she invites a fish to break the surface, and the palette breaks into ripples. Or the wind picks up. And then I have to stand in the cold for another hour to calm the situation.

But glass. Now glass is the naughty one. I’m focused on a scene, checking out whether my settings are correct and if my focus is sharp. Then I’m asking myself, “What the heck is that?” And there I see it—a time portal distorting reality. And I can’t unsee these reflections. So now, instead of photographing reality, I’m in another world.

Maybe a time portal could be a good thing. I mean, if you just checked out the news headlines, you’ll want to be transported somewhere far, far away. And guess what? I have just the distant galaxy for you right here.

Ready for a close encounter of the abstract kind? Give that abstract photo a nudge. It just might reveal a high resolution preview of itself. And if you are extra special, it'll also provide a description, display options, sizes, and pricing information. You just need the right touch.

"Time and reflection change the sight little by little 'til we come to understand."--Paul Cezanne

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, awaits in Abstract Impressionism.

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