Magic beyond the surface: reflection photography

"I'm not just a mirror. I'm a masterpiece."

-- Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Oh wow. The ego of these reflections. See what I have to work with?

Ready for a close encounter of the abstract kind? Give that abstract photo a nudge. It just might reveal a high resolution preview of itself. And if you are extra special, it'll also provide a description, display options, sizes, and pricing information. You just need the right touch.

Reflections reflecting on life, literally.

Reflections aren’t just showing up in mirrors. They appear all over. Even on the sides of buildings. What were those architects thinking?

Then there’s water. She’s a fickle model for reflection photography. One minute, she’s calm and sharing such pretty colors and shapes. Then she invites a fish to break the surface, and the palette breaks into ripples. Or the wind picks up. Then I have to stand in the cold for another hour waiting for the situation to calm.

But glass. Now glass is the naughty one. I’m focused on a scene, checking out whether my settings are correct and if my focus is sharp. Then I’m asking myself, “What the heck is that?” And it’s me. So now I have to move my tripod and camera and try to get a new angle. So much work. Because, you guessed it, it’s almost impossible not to get caught in the world of reflections.

Your room takes on a whole new life with reflection photography wall prints.

You know how fleeting stillness can be, and how quickly life changes. Capture a sense of calm with reflection photography that frees you to relax in a moment otherwise easily lost.

Reflection Photography is an incredibly fun and creative way to add energy to your surroundings. This stunning form of photography captures a world of possibilities. If you're looking to bring a unique and original spin to your interior, reflection photography will turn heads.

Pick your perfect abstract piece to capture distorted scenery lines and curves. This statement photography piece is guaranteed to draw attention with its unique reflections.

Capturing moments in time in vibrant and dynamic ways is the goal of Reflection Photography. This unique photography attempt challenges me, and quite frankly you, to see something from a new perspective. The bold lines and curves mixed in these creative reflections creates a piece that stands out no matter where it is hung.

Reflection Photography is a great way to bring a new, fun element into any space. A conversation starter, comedian or thought-provoking piece, this is the perfect way to make a statement with a minimalistic look. Hang it up anywhere to inspire creativity. A smile. Maybe even a laugh.

Make your home the perfect mix between classic and modern with the addition of Reflection Photography. It brings a unique, distorted perspective to life, as it catches the eye of everyone around.

"Time and reflection change the sight little by little 'til we come to understand."--Paul Cezanne

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, awaits in Abstract Impressionism.

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