The visual wisdom of photography and hand-crafted quotes

"This quote has been left blank intentionally. There's a heck of a lot of quotes in this gallery. You don't need another distraction." -- Ann Parks

Uplift your spirit with the perfect words and image to propel you forward. Never forget the power of your mind.

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Reflection photo with quote about understanding discontent.
Old dirty dishes gathering dust on a table and a quote about cleaning up.
A photo of an abstract monkey's face and a quote about monkey mind.
A photo of a peaceful egret in a tree with a quote about being calm.
An outline of a cellphone with a quote on the screen about accepting others.
A photo of a sand dune with a quote about problems not being permanent.
A photo of a cross with clouds in background and quote about importance of believing.
A photo of river water flowing and a quote about perseverance.
A photo of a pattern of pink straws and a quote about positivity mindset.
A photo of a rainbow over the Grand Canyon with a quote about gratitude.
An abstract photo of a clock and a quote about slowing down.
A photo of the sunset in the Grand Canyon and a quote about flowing with ease.
A close-up photo of an Easter lily and a quote about following your joy.
A photo of a water dispenser and a funny quote about life.
A photo of a bird with a red berry on its nose and a quote about making someone laugh.
A close up photo of an opened bird egg and a quote about beginning.
A busy photo of birds flying in a flock and a few resting plus a quote about taking time for yourself.
A black and white photo with a folded notecard and a quote about big decisions.
A photo of two vultures in a tree and quote about judging others.
A photo of a fishing pole with a line cast into the surf and a quote to trust let go.
A photo of a Buddhist Temple and an affirmation to let go and be present.
A photo of sand dollars and the doves released when broken as well as a quote about your inner gifts.
A photo of a ski lift with two chairs passing and a quote about understanding each other's love language.
A vintage-looking photo of bison in a snowstorm and a quote of working together.
A photo of an Amen street sign and a quote that is about acceptance.
A photo of an aspen tree with bear claw markings and a quote about overwhelm and the benefits of nature.
A photo of two oars in a rowboat and a quote about difficult times.
A photo of one larger tree and smaller trees in the snow and a quote about similarities and differences.
A close-up photo of square wooden pegs in a wheel and a quote about being openminded.
A photo of an orchid branch with unopened buds and a quote about inner awareness.
A photo of scratches and paint of a flower reaching to the sun in a rusty panel and a quote about change.
An abstract photo of an American flag flying and a quote about inner peace.
An abstract photo of fan fronds and a quote about screentime.
A photo of a mountain peak at sunset in autumn and a quote about inner peace.
An abstract reflection photo that looks like a man in a house of mirrors and a quote about change.
A photo of beams of a building under construction and a quote about starting over.