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"There is no joy in possession without sharing." --Erasmus

Check these out if you like the way my brain works. Or if you are still trying to figure out how it works. These are all things that either made me think a little deeper or made my heart swell. Maybe they'll do the same for you. Let me know!

Lost Sheep: 7 minutes of pure sweetness

February 12, 2024
A short 7 minute and 19 second video.

A short 7 minute and 19 second video.

A Paper Stop Motion short film


I can't stop thinking about this little cutie.

And it's just 7 minutes long. That's impact.

First off, when I was little, I cut paper all the time. Into little squares, shapes, whatever. I loved my little dull point scissors and couldn't get my hands on enough paper. If only I knew about this, I might have had a stop motion career. Ah, the regrets.

I promise you will have no regrets spending the next 7 minutes or so on this. Beautiful. Moving. And for something so simple, a captivating story.

Watch it now...your boss will never know. Tell him or her you are just doing some research.

Paper stop motion is a form of video that starts with cutting out all the characters and scenes from paper. Then the artist arranges the objects based on the story line. The artist takes a photo and moves onto the next "motion," and photographs again. These photos are then brought together like an animation to give seamless movement. Consider that when you watch this. Each motion, every movement, requires a lot of work.

Lukas deserves -- and earned -- the Best Animated Film Animations of 2023. Scissors down!

Written, Directed and Animated by Lukas Rooney, Instagram: @lukasrooney
Music by Andrew Gerlicher
Additional Programming by Jesse Haugen

This Beautiful Fantastic

February 23, 2024

The opening line of "This Beautiful Fantastic" pulled me in.

"Bella Brown... Well, what can I say? There was nothing normal about the girl. It's a miracle she survived at all after her arrival in the world. They say she would have perished if it hadn't of been for the ducks. Sat on her like an egg, they did. Treated her as one of their own. She was finally discovered by one of those ancient lunatics who frequent the parks of our city and seem to enjoy hypothermia. She grew into the oddest of oddballs, terrified by the unpredictability of nature and flora, in particular. Where on earth that came from, I dread to think. She's always had a preoccupation with order that would have tried the patience of a saint, never mind the nuns at Saint Fedelma's. Bella Brown! It's an insular and solitary world for Miss Brown, just her and her books. Hers was a story just waiting to be told but the obsessive little world she created meant that this was one book that remained firmly shut."

The movie starts with ducks. I'm in. And then her neurodivergent OCD. We all lean a little in odd ways, right? It probably didn't hurt that I was recovering from shoulder surgery and had to just sit still. But I watched this movie twice, I liked it so much. I loved the unpredictable story line. Others describe this as a grown-up fairy tale. And that it is. The videography is beautiful and the setting is London which I love, so there's that. And she wants to write a children's book. Sold!

I really love the comfortably awkward Bella Brown character and the quirky plot.


A Million Miles Away movie

January 20, 2024
Streaming on Amazon Prime.

Streaming on Amazon Prime.

An uplifting, inspiring, feel-good movie.

In a world of AI-made-up unreality and quite frankly scary stuff on television, how about watching a movie about a real person, a real life, and achieving the impossible?

I jumped into this movie without knowing much at all myself. I'd only read a short synopsis, so all I knew was that a guy named Jose, a migrant worker had become a NASA astronaut.

"Who better than a migrant? Somebody who knows what it's like to dive into the unknown."

I've never dreamed of being an astronaut myself. The claustrophobic little capsule flung out into a void of oxygen isn't my kind of inspiration. But this movie, based on Jose and his family, is emotionally touching. His goal is daunting. I would have given up with what he faced, I'm sure.

One of my favorite parts of the film is when his father lays out the recipe for getting what you want in life. It is simple and clever. I will leave it at that because you just need to watch it.

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