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Benefits of writing in a journal.

“We read to know we’re not alone.”

― William Nicholson

I started writing in a journal about ten years ago. When I started, I was dealing with chronic anxiety. Anyone in that boat can tell you; it isn’t something you row yourself out of easily. So, stroke by stroke of the pen on paper, I spilled out negative thoughts.

Over time, journaling helped me challenge those apprehensions. Then finally, I understood my fears and concerns better. The parade of ruminations stayed on the page, and I could shift my thoughts to the positive.

Since lifting that fog, I have found joy in allowing my abstract photography to guide me toward calm. Being in the moment helped me find my balance, and I hope reading these will bring you some peace too.

What will you find here?

  • “Photo Essays” are shorter reads with more visuals that let the photos guide the story about a place or experience.
  • “Using Color” focuses on one abstract photo to guide how color in an artwork creates a mood–a color fest for your eyes.
Nativity art: capturing the spirit of Christmas

Nativity art: capturing the spirit of Christmas

"One Night Under Starlight" is a nativity art concept I had burning in my mind for a while. While I'm not a traditional churchgoer, I do appreciate the reason we celebrate. I wanted to capture the essence of love, faith, and new beginnings in this Christmas art....

Butterflies: appreciating the little things

Butterflies: appreciating the little things

When you are feeling lost, don't lose sight of what is important. Appreciating the little things can shift your perspective. Even if they are as little as butterflies.Faceplant? If you are feeling lost in life, don't get so discouraged that you shove your head into...

New media art: from a trashcan. Really.

New media art: from a trashcan. Really.

For a myriad of reasons, I’ve struggled a lot this past week. When I have these times, which are completely human, I try to find an anchor to bring me back to something simple, something that reminds me of the little moments. 

When I need some inspiration to pull me back to what matters, I flip open my images to look at art I’ve created and scroll them like a lot of people do with social media. I stopped at this image. Over and over, I kept coming back to “Blue Morphos and the Sun” I created as New Media Art. I love the way it feels sunny and warm and as though many happy thoughts are flittering around inside my head. 

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