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Here I go capturing another abstract.

Abstract photographer Ann Newman at a guardrail


I needed an escape from the news of the world. So naturally, I stopped to discover beauty in an unusual place.

Keep up with where I'm lifting corners and peering deeply into the crevices of our strange world. You can get lost with me in this magical land so we both forget about the insanity of the real one.

This page automatically updates wherever I've added a new photo or tweaked one. Fun for you, but a little creepy for me. I feel like someone's watching over my shoulder. But hey, if it's going to be anyone, I'd want it to be you.

If you feel yourself being drawn in different directions from the overwhelming headlines and the pressure of getting more done with no escape in sight, then take a journey through these latest additions. I find that uncovering extraordinary moments in the everyday things we take for granted is calming. Discovering hidden beauty in the most unsuspecting places lets my imagination grow like a receipt coming out of the register at CVS. Endless possibilities!

Take a break. This "News" page gives you a quick way to click into rabbit holes you never knew you wanted to go down. Exposing yourself to new ideas and new visuals offers an opportunity to expand your perceptions. I've learned more about myself in this process because abstract photography holds hidden meanings. The only way those meanings can be deciphered is my your subconscious taking a break from all it has been trying to juggle for you. In the chaos of our modern lives, we all need more ways to encourage self-reflection and mindfulness. 

Join me as I unveil new projects with the intent to convey emotions, stories, and hidden symbolism to inspire. I hope this fascination of mine with abstracts might help you clear your mind. And recharge your batteries.

Now get clicking. Pick one of those out and think of it as a fortune cookie about to be read.

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