Preview abstract photo prints on your wall now.

Struggling with art is an option. But not one I'd recommend.

Selecting art can be a maze of confusion

Don't get stuck in the paralysis of possibilities.

I'm here to help you avoid design dilemmas and aesthetic faux pas. That's fancy talk for "mistakes." And I don't want you to fear making an investment in art that might not look right once it comes home.

This is an easy reality check to ensure your artistic style and aesthetic design align beautifully.

And the best part: it's free!

Preview abstract photography art on your wall.

Before you purchase. Your only obligation are the steps below:

Previewing art with cellphone

1. Simply pull out your cell phone and shoot a photo of your wall. Shoulders back, posture straight. Or slump. Whatever is comfortable. What I really need is for you to take the photo as straight and level as possible.

Tape measure

2. Go find where you hid the tape measure. Measure the width of the wall. Then measure it again. Don't cut. Just write down the width in inches.

Living room with no art on walls

3. If there's a piece of furniture like a sofa, table, or bed, measure the width. If you don't have furniture, head out to a furniture store pronto. It's tiring not being able to sit or lie down.

Man with long list

4. Put together a list of images you like. Yes, go to town!

Woman sending an email

5. Send the above information to Ann at If I spell out my email, there's machines employed by bad people who try to snag it. Then I'd spend the rest of my days sorting through bogus inheritances from foreign countries. If you can't figure out the email, just contact me and I'll send it to you.

Large abstract wall art in bathroom

6. I'll put together some mock-ups and send them back to you. While you wait, draw a hot, sudsy bath. Just don't stay in too long or your fingers will get all wrinkly.

Did I mention that this is a free offer?

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