Can you hand me a towel?

Coffee mug with word grateful

I'm so grateful you are considering subscribing that I tipped my cup at an odd angle.

I don't suggest trying this at home. The coffee is hot and you don't need any messes to deal with.

Welcome to a world beyond reality: abstracts. So what can you expect by joining my private email list?

    If you like odd, obscure, and highly-original abstract art created by a human, this is for you. About once or twice a month I will send you an email. Think of it like I'm your quirky friend (because I am) and I just saw something so insane that I had to show you ('cause you are quirky too).

    And if after a bit, you think what I send you is seeming like borderline derangement, its easy to drop me like I'm a hot curling iron you didn't pick up at the handle.

    Now go make yourself a cup of coffee. But hold it upright so you don't have a mess to deal with like me.


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