Close-up photo of industrial running board painted pink, baby blue, and yellow.

Gender Fluid


Be like a baby-color DJ and drop shades like beats. Welcome to Gender Fluid, an imaginative close-up photo that questions traditional gender stereotypes.

This close-up piece is full of nudges to question our belief systems. First, the object itself is an industrial running board, a nod to the traditional notion of masculinity at work. But add a layer of pink over the patterned texture, and this industrial art becomes seemingly more feminine.

Upon studying this industrial abstract a little longer, you realize that blue tones are thrown in with a bit of yellow for the typical "we don't know the gender." Here's a perfect newborn piece of art. Together, the colors and texture create a unique mix to celebrate that no matter our gender, we all have elements of masculinity and femininity. And we can be nurturing and industrious despite our gender.

Gender Fluid will add a playful energy to any wall. Its bold colors and abstract shapes will attract attention while provoking meaningful conversations on expectations and roles. Whether you consider yourself a renegade or want to inspire others, this piece of art will align perfectly. Hang it proudly on your wall and let it represent your inner courage to live without fear of being boxed into societal expectations.

With Gender Fluid, you can express yourself freely and question traditional stereotypes. Add this playful piece to your collection and proudly represent your values.

Photo © copyright by Ann Parks.

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