Abstract jack-o-lantern art



On a haunted street, a rusted car rolled slowly and silently. The weathered paint was cracked and peeling. I noticed the unsettling grin first. Then, the eyes. I had to try to capture this gothic-inspired Halloween vibe. Emerging from my camera, "Jacko" appeared. He glowed with a grunge-like luminescence, a bit of twisted and spooky abstract fun.

Have a fondness for escaping reality by decorating your home for Halloween? Me too. Jacko wants to come over to meet your collection of ghosts and witches right away. Besides, everyone needs a pumpkin in their fall decor, and this one won't get squishy or moldy. The grunge and texture of this Halloween-themed art sets just the right mood of mystery and darkness.

So just for the month, take down that beautiful landscape photo over the fireplace, and enjoy a supernatural haunting of your living room with Jacko looking over the party. The prints below will last for decades, so you can make Jacko a part of your traditions for eternity. Sounds like chilling fun, right? Photo © copyright by Ann Newman.

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For contemporary abstract art, the intricate patterns need exacting details. The vibrant colors beg for illumination to deliver a sense of awe. The art itself should be the focus rather than a frame. And while the light may change in your room throughout the day, the subtle sheen from the surface should always be stunning. Lumachrome Acrylic prints offer a high-end option for a superior display that is frameless and ready to hang. Learn more about Lumachrome Acrylic prints here.

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Loose Fine Art Paper Giclee Print

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Certain abstract pieces deserve a classic treatment.

A fine art paper print allows you to customize your artwork with a frame, mat and glass of your own choosing. I offer unmounted giclee (pronounced "G-Clay") prints for these special pieces. Giclee printing offers high image quality with clarity you'll appreciate. You'll love the rich color, tones, and details. This method offers an archival print that will not fade for decades. Take a look here where I go into more details about fine art paper prints.

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