Blue metallic paint splattered on an industrial shelf with rust stains of yellow and orange dotting the canvas like a Jackson Pollock painting.

Play at Work


I found these metallic paint splatters in an abandoned auto body factory. Was someone playing at work? I wonder what the car turned out like.

How to decorate a classic car garage in style: Jackson Pollock-like splatter art.

Oooh, she shines! I'm talking about the Lumachrome Acrylic abstract photo, not the classic car. But it shines too. Because someone that cares about the garage as much as the cars deserves style. And since this is a photo of actual car paint, it fits the call beautifully.

Modern art deco deserves classic abstract wall art.

Appreciate the contrast of fluid splats and paint dribbles alongside the deco-inspired decor. A fine art print framed with a clean white gallery frame completes the look.

Find fun and color inspiration with "Play at Work."

When the White Smoke clears, take a look at Endeavor, Heather, and Kashmir Blue making the splatters shine. Then Rob Roy provides the pop of gold.

This palette features Pantone 6197C, Pantone 6218C, Pantone 6112C, and Pantone 2007C. Photo © copyright by Ann Newman.

Lumachrome Acrylic Print

Play at Work print

For contemporary abstract art, the intricate patterns need exacting details. The vibrant colors beg for illumination to deliver a sense of awe. The art itself should be the focus rather than a frame. And while the light may change in your room throughout the day, the subtle sheen from the surface should always be stunning. Lumachrome Acrylic prints offer a high-end option for a superior display that is frameless and ready-to-hang. Know that your art investment will retain brilliant colors for over 120 years and receive UV protection from the Lumachrome Acrylic surface.

The artwork is printed and then face mounted to crystal clear, scratch-resistant, non-reflective acrylic glass. An additional backer is placed behind the print for protection. The artwork is finished with a float mount frame on the back, invisible after hanging, which appears to float about an inch and a half off of your wall.

You'll be amazed at the depth, the luminance, and brilliant colors. Your visitors will swear that your print has three-dimensions.

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Loose Fine Art Paper Giclee Print

Play at Work print

Certain abstract pieces deserve a classic treatment. A fine art paper print allows you to customize your artwork with a frame, mat and glass of your own choosing. I offer unmounted giclee (pronounced "G-Clay") prints for these special pieces. Giclee printing offers high image quality with clarity you'll appreciate. You'll love the rich color, tones, and details. This method offers an archival print that will not fade for decades. There a several choices for fine art papers. Each paper and photo have unique characteristics, and I look forward to working with you on that selection. Your loose print arrives with a 1-inch white border so that your professional framer can assist you with matting, glass, and framing. The print is delivered rolled up without mounting, so handle with care and take to your framer as soon as possible.

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Please allow 2-3 weeks for production and delivery. All prints are custom made upon ordering. Timeframes can extend during the holiday season, so please reach out to me if you have concerns with timing.

Free shipping for all U.S. orders. Expedited shipping is available but require a fee. For international orders, please reach out to me to discuss options.

If you have another print display in mind, just contact me so we can discuss.