creepy halloween jack o lantern animation



On a haunted street, I heard a distant noise, unsettling me. It sounded like a combination of creaking, whining, and a low rumble. Perhaps it was my imagination, but I wondered if the seams of this dimension had started stretching to allow another time and space to expand and violate our timeline.

When I turned, I saw a rusted car slowly crawling up the street in a jerking motion. Cracked orange paint, the weather was peeling it away. I knew I shouldn't be out this late, certainly not alone, especially on Hallow's Eve. I tried to keep my head down as though I needed to watch my footsteps. But the car kept pace with my stride. I tried speeding up. The car sluggishly gained speed.

I finally forced myself to look up and noticed the unsettling grimace. Jacko. It's a once-a-year, mysterious haunt that gives me chills. Our eyes locked. His eyes darted right a couple of times. Then, in a low voice, barely moving, he asked me, "Hey. Do I have something on my cheek?”


Halloween is the time of year for mischief. What do you expect when you put "Art in Motion." Sometimes, it's beauty and calm; other times, it's a touch of suspense. Always entertaining. You deserve a few moments of escape from the everyday monotony, and abstract photography immerses you in a different world.

This “Jacko” short animation started with a photograph I took of a vintage auto. Tattered, paint peeling, and orange, all of that attracted my attention. Then I saw “Jacko’s” expression. My decision to give him the fright of a spider making his face home seemed perfect. The eerie music sets the mood because “In the Attic” by Prozody from Epidemic Sound is haunting. The effect is a spooky charm that simultaneously evokes fear and amusement. Art is meant to move you -- and during this time of year, it should be frighteningly delightful. Photo © copyright by Ann Newman.

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