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Random Reflection Generator.

The importance of self-reflection.

When you reflect on your thoughts, you gain more awareness of your emotions, beliefs, and personality. The more you develop those skills, the better you can manage your focus. In addition, self-awareness leads you in making healthy, positive choices. 

When I was struggling with seeing things in a positive light, I read from a book with short, daily messages to inspire me. I’d read it slowly, then write in my journal. Sometimes, those simple messages carried layers of meaning for me, as though the writer knew exactly what I needed to hear at that moment.

Open yourself to the possibilities. Think of these as exercises for your emotional system. The more you train, the more strength you’ll gain. Reprogramming old ways of thinking requires repetition.

I’ve taken some of my photos and added my own words to give you a self-reflection prompt. You’ll find that some of these quotes and photos lend themselves to multiple interpretations. So explore what you discover there. As you move through your day, you may even start to see coincidences where either the words or the symbol in the photo show up. That is a sign that you are tuning into your emotional state. Be sure to drop me an email with your epiphanies! 

Why do we say amen?

Photo of Amen Street sign and quote.

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