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by | Mar 15, 2022

Art sale for Ukraine relief: World Central Kitchen.

Donate to help Ukraine’s relief efforts through art.

This art sale for Ukraine relief is unique because this is a moment that speaks to us emotionally. Art yanks at memories. A piece of art can help calm you, bring you a peaceful respite from a tough day, add some humor when you need it most, or help you learn more about yourself. Art opens the heart. We need more people to feel power: the power of compassion.
So what better way to connect our hearts to form a safety net for others?
Silhouette head and camera with Grand Canyon photo inside

Limited sale on 9 art prints. Gallery-quality, ready to hang or display. 

Click on the photos below to display the style, size, and pricing for each.

Please understand that there is only one piece available for sale at this price. It’s a steal AND high quality that belongs in a gallery. I appreciate your understanding. If you fall in love with a print but desire a different size or style, just contact me and we can work something out. 



Let’s have an abstract photo art sale and help others.

100% of the proceeds from this select group of art print sales will benefit World Central Kitchen.

These select pieces were printed for art gallery exhibitions that subsequently occurred during Covid-19. Unfortunately, the volume of visitors was negligible to those events. These prints are much like the Ukrainian people—in need of homes. They are each ready for hanging or displaying proudly for your simple act of kindness.
World Central Kitchen is feeding warm meals to Ukrainian refugees fleeing their homes. Thousands have traveled through dangerous conditions with children or ill family members in tow. World Central Kitchen is a humanitarian relief organization scoring highly on Charity Navigator, receiving an “Exceptional” scoring for accountability, transparency, and financials. They are serving thousands of people daily during this crisis.
Your donation will go to a good cause that needs support right now. The cost of the artwork will benefit World Central Kitchen, and in addition, there is a $15 fee for shipping plus sales tax. Believe me, these are rules I’d love to bend on, but you understand there is the reality of real-world costs. I won’t make anything monetarily for my efforts, but I gain the satisfaction that the impact will be more meaningful. I hope you’ll join me in helping others.
By participating with Annstracts, you can donate to help Ukraine’s relief efforts through art. You’ll receive a visual memory of taking action with an abstract photo art print. And I hope you find meaning, purpose, and compassion by enjoying it. Most importantly, you’ll be following the leader we all should be following: the beating of our own hearts.
World Central Kitchen donation letter
When you participate in this art sale to benefit Ukraine relief, you’ll receive an email receipt of the contribution in your honor directly from World Central Kitchen once received.

How to decorate with these art prints.

While we would all love big wall art, not every wall can handle that. Take the bathroom. The typical bathroom has that small wall over the commode, or perhaps over a sink. Or perhaps when you close the door (and please, tell me you close the door…hahaha), you have a space that is typically a blank wall. Let your guests have some quiet reflection time with abstract photo art.

Bathroom wall decor ideas 2022

Some bathrooms have small spaces that are just perfect for an 11″ x 17″ piece of art. “Emergence” provides a Zen moment for that small bathroom. The stem stretching upwards and hopefulness of orchid buds waiting to reveal they’re incredible beauty give a clean touch of living green to your space.
bathroom shower with orchid wall art

This art sale for Ukraine relief offers an opportunity to upgrade spaces in your home you may not have considered changing. Let “Emergence” give you hope for possibilities as this sprig of orchid buds waits for the right moment to open.

Entryway table wall art idea 2022

console table wall art
With your mind on the possibility of a smaller print, could you imagine a console table receiving an uplift with “Emergence?” Your eye will trace the Bonzai-like branch of orchid buds up the stem. A calm, meditative piece fitting for wherever you take comfort.

Ideas for dining room wall art

kitchen wall art with earth tones in mud crack photo

A clean, simplistic kitchen setting works well for “Emotional Footprint.” The mud cracks abstract landscape with a paw print trail is mesmerizing to explore. Where do we leave a trail?

Living room ideas for abstract photo art.

mud crack wall art in rustic living area

Your rustic setting gives a nod to the subtle beauty of terra firma with “Emotional Footprint.”  This large wall art print is available with this art sale for Ukraine relief.

black and white photography nature

Enjoy a cup of tea and linger over “Mirroring.” A simple image of reeds and their reflection in the water adds a touch of elegance to your living space.

Tabletop artwork

“Reflecting on Growth” photo is printed on a 1″ acrylic block with metallic paper to give the photo rich colors and a 3-D effect. An unusual reflection with the effect of grass in the reflected tree mimicking the tree being filled out.
Bison in snow acrylic block photo print
“Salvaged” is a photo treated to appear like a vintage, turn-of-the-century photo. Bison wait patiently in subzero temperatures through a snowstorm in the Tetons. Since the American bison were pushed almost to the brink of extinction and then saved, I thought “Salvaged” was a fitting title.

Wall art prints for children’s rooms.

child's room with fun wall art
“Kaleidoscope” abstract art print works perfectly to give a complimentary spin of color to a kids room. Bring your child or grandchild’s imagination to life with a gallery-quality print adorning their bedroom.

If your little one is all about pink, “Kaleidoscope” will give a pop of complementary colors she’ll love. Plus, a gallery-quality print like this can work many years into the future even if she announces tomorrow that her favorite color is green.

pastel girl's bedroom with abstract wall art

Bridging that gap between childhood and the teen years means finding the security in growing more independent. Space and privacy are more important than ever, and room decor is one of the first moments for a pre-teen to express their style. Life is constantly changing, especially for your pre-teen, and you can support her in understanding that even with constant changes, life is beautiful. “Kaleidoscope” as a wall art print for a child’s room says that in a youthful way.

Office Artwork

abstract wall art print for home office desk
Celebrate the Ukraine flag colors and be inspired with a “Wave of Optimism.” That glance up from your computer screen every twenty minutes? Well, this would be a welcoming sight, wouldn’t it? 
wall art for conference room
Give the team at work the right vibe for creating momentum. “Wave of Optimism” can do just that and benefit Ukraine relief as well.

Black and white photography for the bedroom

bedroom with black and white reed photograph

A black and white nature photo of reeds and their reflection in water offers a simple touch of art over a nightstand. 

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