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Short quotes to inspire you about life’s journey.


Short quotes and good chocolate can melt your cares away. They are both easy to consume as small nuggets of goodness. Besides, we all deserve a treat!

Quotes with photos: discover encouraging messages about life’s journey.

Has the day been long and trying? Feeling overwhelmed or like life just doesn’t have the joy it should? Would you be willing to try a reset? 

Shifting your perspective helps. Try these positive, thoughtful messages partnered with tranquil photos to inspire your inner awareness. I’ve written each saying from my own experiences pushing past the discouragement. And then I paired them with my photography.

What was my idea behind creating these short quotes to inspire?

I love reading famous quotations. Sometimes, the shift from feeling down to outright joy and a zest for life is a subtle change. I’ve found that the more I read quotes, even if they are somewhat similar, I’ll find one worded to hit me just right for that moment.

Your mind is a sponge. So take care of what you let your mind soak up. 

I felt driven to create these short quotes to inspire you. And the funny thing is, I’ve found them to be encouraging. 

These are my words and my photos.

One without the other doesn’t have the same impact as they do combined. That’s alchemy!



“a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or a combination”


Why use these positive prompts?


Yes, you have to do the work yourself on feeling better, but tools like these short quotes to inspire will give you a kick start on exploring your emotions.

I’m no dummy. I know there are all sorts of inspiring quotes to be found on the internet. You can find famous quotes from Einstein, Thoreau, Gandhi, Lao Tzu, and many others.

In addition to lots of quotes on Google, there is no shortage of quotes with photos.  Unfortunately, from what I have seen, the photos don’t always add much to the words. I’d guess that many of them are just finding a pretty picture to add just because they know we all like visuals. 


I wanted to go a step further with my short quotes.

So I put my quotes with photos.

My photos, that is. 

If a picture tells the tale of a thousand words, I want to make sure my few words do that photo justice. The intent is to feel something deeply, intimately with your inner self. To feel more human.
I use my photography to explore life’s meaning. Sometimes it is a swift process, and I know what to write immediately. Sometimes, I have to spend significant time with an image and listen to what it is trying to tell me. And yes, there are loads of drafts. Lots of words get sacrificed, cut, and thrown out. My goal is to craft the words together harmoniously with the photography. 
All of us share common experiences. And some of us get lost in finding meaning and purpose in living. I did and for a significant segment of my adult life. But I worked my way out of that. And if you are feeling that way, I want to lend a hand.
The value in using these positive prompts is shifting your perspective. When we slow down to examine our feelings, we eventually discover meaning.
Silhouette head and camera with Grand Canyon photo inside

Want to know when I add new short quotes to inspire?

Consider these encouraging messages about life’s journey.

Expand your awareness with these positive prompts.





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So what’s the benefit of reading quotes?

I love quotes. I can go for hours deep down the rabbit hole of searching for quotes from best-selling writers, philosophers, and famous people. Do you do that too? And this time, you ended up here with me? I think that is amazing. It’s destiny.  I am so excited to share my quotes with photos.

I’ve found that reflecting on inspiring quotes helps me understand myself better. Taking time to pause encourages me to think about what I truly believe in. And sometimes, when I’m not feeling that great, I find encouraging messages help to turn my mood around.


Self-reflection leads to more joy and less stress.

And encouraging messages assist with that self-reflection.

I love using quotes for self-reflection. I start my day with them or with short readings. Some people like to end their day with them so that they drift off to sleep with a positive affirmation.

When you read quotes, they help you reflect on your thoughts. As a result, you gain more awareness of your emotions, beliefs, and personality traits. The more you develop those skills, the better you can manage your focus.

In addition, self-awareness leads you to make healthy, positive choices. In addition to the ones I’ve created (yes, these are all my photos and words I’ve written), I find looking at other sites helpful too. For example, check out 101 inspiring words of encouragement.

Have you been struggling to see things in a positive light?

When I struggle with seeing things in a positive light, I read a short, daily message to inspire me. Then I write in my journal. Those simple quotes about life’s journey carry layers of meaning for me. When I read them, it seemed the writer knew what I needed to hear–uncanny! As I journal about a particular quote, I find that I am discovering more about myself. Then I can put my worries in perspective.

Reading short quotes is an exercise in what matters.

Open yourself to the possibilities. Use these short quotes to exercise your emotional system. The more you train yourself in exploring your emotional world, the more strength you’ll gain.

Reprogramming old ways of thinking requires repetition. These are ab crunches for your mind, heart, and soul. You know that one ab crunch doesn’t change your figure. And one quote might not change your outlook, but add them over time, and you’ll have a rock-solid positive mindset. 

What you’ll find by exploring these quotes and soothing photos.

As you view these inspirational quotes and images, you’ll find that some lend themselves to multiple interpretations. So explore what you discover there. As you move through your day, you may even start to see coincidences where either the words or the symbol in the photo show up. That is a sign that you are tuning into your emotional state. So be sure to drop me an email with your epiphanies! If you do, I’ll let you in on a funny coincidence I continue to see. Yes, it’s a little weird. 

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