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Abstract photography that tells stories. And stories transform us.

Photo Albums

Looking at things differently: abstract photography art.

When I started photographing, I joined a critique group to refine my compositions and techniques. After a couple of these sessions, the leader commented, “you have an eye for textures and patterns.” However, I was in a critique group for travel photography. Our mission involved capturing images of people in places to encourage the viewer to take a mental vacation and hopefully inspire the plan for travel in the future. At that moment, although I understood the comment, I was disappointed.

We get nudges from many directions helping to point us on our path. I tucked that comment away, and when it kept surfacing, I leaned into what it was saying to me. My style of photographing does lean towards isolating a texture or pattern. I experiment endlessly to convey emotion. I’m less interested in the subject than the feeling of that moment.

So here I am, an abstract photography artist. I present to you these photography albums to encourage you to explore, interpret, and add your meaning to these images. I love the abstract world because we can transcend time. We can change reality. Our state of mind can explore within ourselves. Abstract art represents an expression of truths not bound by time or place. Your attention is the essential element.


Beautiful Decay Art

Dilapitated objects have a sense of mystery. They hold secrets from a long life. With my camera, I discover the texture of a living surface that is still developing. Who is to say when something is at the end of its useful life?

Can we see the effect of time and the elements on metal, paint, and glass as mirrors for ourselves? As a society, we value youth and shun aging. Your attention is what determines if something is beautiful.

In rust, corrosion, decay, and the abandoned, we see the effects of impermanence. Beautiful decay art reminds us to wake up and live.

Simplicity in Black and White

With a lifestyle filled with hectic schedules, endless lists of tasks, and chaos, we need a reminder to simplify. The addition of more and more, whether it is activities or material items leads to a chronically-cluttered mind. Pay attention to the distractors. Getting back to basics is critical for our sanity. These black and white photo albums with a lack of color will remind you, less is more. 

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